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A Career Keeping Our Families Safe

Chad Scott’s values of integrity, service, and leadership guide his vision for safer communities. These communities are characterized by trust between law enforcement and residents, collaboration among stakeholders, and ongoing innovation and progress within the Sheriff’s Office to better serve and protect the public.

Vision, Issues, & Values

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Chad Scott’s platform is centered around three key pillars: crime prevention, community engagement, and drug enforcement. He advocates for proactive measures to prevent crime and ensure community safety, emphasizing the importance of building strong relationships between law enforcement and residents through transparency, accountability, and collaboration.

Commitment to Public Safety: With a lifelong dedication to law enforcement and a proven track record of implementing effective strategies to combat crime, Chad Scott is running for Sheriff to continue his mission of keeping communities safe.

Leadership and Experience: With extensive experience as a former Chief of Police and Colonel at the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, Chad possesses the leadership skills and expertise needed to effectively manage and lead the department toward greater efficiency and success.

Community Engagement and Collaboration: Chad recognizes the importance of fostering strong relationships between law enforcement and the community. He is running to promote transparency, accountability, and collaboration, ensuring that the Sheriff’s Office works hand-in-hand with residents to address their concerns and create a safer, more secure environment for all.

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About Chad Scott

Chad was born at the Alachua General Hospital in Gainesville and raised in Newberry. He graduated from Newberry Jr. SR. High school in 1984 as a football star and went on to Bethel College in Kansas to play for their football team.

After returning to Alachua County, he enrolled and completed the Police Academy and first joined the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office on patrol for the midnight shift. After two years, he transferred to the Juvenile Relations Bureau and started his role as a school resource officer. He served first at Lake Forest before heading to Newberry High School and Oak View Middle School, where he coached football, taught classes, counseled students and helped create the Criminal Justice program, which has remained a very popular magnet program for Alachua County Public Schools.

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